A Story lasting 40 years

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To reach our ‘Cloud’ we started from far away, a small shop, a haberdashery where people breathed creativity and could unleash their imagination, also through courses of decoupage, stencils and handicrafts. A workshop of ideas where our first products came to life: handmade doorstops in the shape of animals. Creations such as: Ottone the cat, Morgana the cat, Luisella the goose and Ugo the owl, were among the first works to leave our shop and to travel, first from market to market and then from fair to fair, becoming quickly loved all over Italy.

Growing steadily, we thus expanded our product range, day by day. The initial small shop became Pasqualetti Home Decor, whose aim was always to bring a touch of exclusivity into its customers’ homes, not only through textiles, but also with wood, glass, ceramic and iron items.

Since opening our in-house style office, we set a further goal: to give shape to new unique accessories – objects and furnishing accessories in shabby chic style. Authentic models, outcome of the creative flair of our designers, who always succeed in transforming ideas from paper into refined realities. The designs of our products capture a story in the design through the language of craftsmanship, enhancing the value of tradition.
Carefulness, passion and originality: this is everything you will find in any Nuvole di Stoffa’s accessories.

We work to create unique furnishing accessories that will dress your home with taste and originality and create a magical atmosphere of craftsmanship, style and delicate colours.

The credit for our results goes to all the people who are part of our team. A team of professionals who have fully embraced our vision and who contribute, with different tasks and qualifications, to creating products of the highest quality. In each of our creations there is a little piece of them...

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How Our Products are made

Design Ideas

We are curious, creative and have a natural instinct guiding us towards everything that is original and of quality. We seek new inspiration and ideas from every corner of our territory. This is how our creations are born.

Project Design

Ideas are shaped through the pencils and colours of our designers. Their creative spirit knows how to interpret current trends and turn them into unique and exclusive designs.

Product Development

We entrust our ideas to a team of carefully selected suppliers. The projects of our designers take shape through their hands. From now on, each item is ready to decorate your home.

A wide range of articles for your home. Take a look at our products and furnish every room with exclusivity.